Fire Damage Restoration Services in Harrisburg, PA

Serving Lebanon, Lancaster, York, PA and Surrounding Areas

Every aspect of your project is managed by C&Z Construction. Our lead estimators understand the complexity of construction planning, consulting, and supervision after a disaster. We have certified technicians, experienced craftsmen, and licensed professionals on call to ensure that your project is completed to the level of quality that people have come to associate with C&Z Construction.
Few things are more devastating to a property than a fire. Chances are that once the fire trucks are gone, your home or business will suffer from both fire damage and water damage from firefighting efforts.
Our team is here 24/7 to provide immediate relief for you and your property. C&Z Construction is a Fire, Water & Storm Restoration Specialist in both the residential and commercial fields and is IIRC certified in water and fire damage techniques.
Our team of trained specialists will return your home or business to its pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. We guarantee a response in the first hours after the fire damage occurs, which will ensure recovery of as much of your property as possible. C&Z Construction will immediately make an evaluation of your property's structure and will promptly begin mitigating damage.
Support services include:
  • Emergency Board-Up & Site Containment – We secure the property and protect the scene from further fire and smoke damage.
  • Working Under the Direction of Arson Investigators – We assist fire damage restoration services safely by securing evidence, manipulation debris, transporting and storing property, etc.
  • Shoring & Moving Materials – We help secure the safe entry of the fire department and other authorized personnel for the duration of the fire damage restoration process.
  • Providing Lighting, Dumpsters, Emergency Power, etc.
  • Application of Board-Up Decals
We know that after a fire, all you want is to get your life and sense of safety back as soon as possible. C&Z Construction is here to help you do just that. For an immediate response, day or night, call us at 888-670-7772.